LoanKeeper is a loan portfolio tracking system with included operation day module, designated for credit institutions, including microfinance organizations, banks, pawnshops and credit unions. It is unique, fast, simple and powerful tool, which will help your company solve all the problems of portfolio tracking.

This website provides basic information about LoanKeeper. Here you can find out its main features and advantages, however we recommend to get a demo from our support department. This is the best way to know what LoanKeeper is.

Among the numerous advantages of LoanKeeper we could name its powerful functional part and simple interface as the main ones. Dolphin team has been developing, improving and site-testing the system for more than 12 years already. All feature-requests and bug-reports that came from users, even the insignificant ones, have been analyzed and managed very carefully. This is why our users feel so comfortable when working with LoanKeeper.

The main benefit that LoanKeeper will bring to your company is totally insured operational risks. For this purpose the system is equipped with user groups and group permissions, credit committees, authorization levels, log journal, record-level security and many more.

From technical point of view LoanKeeper is a perfect and complex mechanism, ready to meet any modern company demand. This includes the database scalability, compatibility, integrability, security standards, etc. LoanKeeper fully supports UNICODE standard and thus solves all problems with fonts and codepage conflicts for all possible languages.

LoanKeeper is integrated with the systems like UCC (United Cliearing Center), TBC Pay, Nova, internet-banking systems of TBC Bank and Bank of Georgia, Money Transfer Systems (UMTS), mobile providers (for SMS service), multipayments systems (UFC), etc. The system also comes equipped with the set of financial reports, which make it ready to render information for National Bank of Georgia, Financial Monitoring Department, Credit Bureau, Tax Office, various auditing and donor organizations, company management, etc...

If your company has several branches or outlets LoanKeeper will help you organize its structure in either way - centralized or decentralized, or even a combined one.

You can get more information on the pages functionality and screenshot gallery. If you get interest for receiving an online demo on our test server, please contact the support team.


Thank you,
Dolphin Team