Full Featured Functionality
LoanKeeper is equipped with all features a modern credit institution may need. This is our main advantage.

Streamlined and Simple Interface
Despite the complex database structure, interface has been developed with simplicity in mind. New users need only first several days to get accustomed to it. Hundreds of users are using it on a daily basis. They help us to improve it even more.

Unlimited Analytic Possibilities
More than 30 predefined reports, 100 ratios for portfolio analysis, built in FastReport designer, customizable reports, built-in T-SQL editor.

Simple, Powerful, Configurable
You can customize the system for your exact needs. It is just as simple as you could imagine. But at the same time LoanKeeper is so powerful that it can track multiple branches in as single centralized database and manage hundreds of online users.

User group policies and permissions, multiple-level authorizations, flexible decision-taking process, record-level security, detailed event journal, strong password protection.

Edge of Technologies
MSSQL database, UNICODE interface, HASP protection, network access over LAN and WAN, high security standards, data encryption, large database support, integration with external applications, etc.

Our company never stops innovating. Dolphin team is following the pace of time - constantly adding new technologies, new features, studying customer needs and keeping hand on competitors pulse.

Service and consulting
What you get is not only a software system. Having excellent knowledge base and experience, our consultants will help you to configure the system, design printed forms, customize reports and make your credit department work.